Sports Betting Champ Review: It Works


John Morrison’s critically acclaimed Sports Betting Champ system boasts a 97% win ratio. I’m going to review it.

Sports Betting Champ is actually a good product. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t offer a refund and ClickBank, the merchant company (which is very similar with PayPal), would not sell the product. sbobet indonesia

I did the following research:

Check out the sales copy at the official website of the sports betting champions.
Check out a few dozen reviews of social bookmarking sites.
You can read 3 to 4 dozen articles about the system.
The best part was that I received a copy the John Morrisons System.

What do you get with the system?

A dozen pages of eBook explaining how the Sports Betting Champ system operates are included. It is written in plain English, so my nephew, who is less than 10 years old could probably understand it.
John Morrison will send you picks on a regular basis via email. He has a PhD from Cornell University in statistics and can run the numbers to ensure you get a pick with low risk and high likelihood of being a winner.
You also get a bonus code that gives you a 55% bonus when you sign up for the Sportsbook

It can be difficult to sort through the hoaxes in Sports Betting information and find the truth. But Sports Betting Champ is the real deal. I’m sure you are still skeptical, and that’s probably why I’m such a skilled handicapper. You may still be unsure if Sports Betting Champ is worth it because of the 97% win rate. To put your mind at ease, I’ll explain how the 97% winning rate works.

Clarifying the 97% Win rate

The 97% win rate if you apply the system using your own picks will be lower than if you use John Morrison’s low risk emailed picks. However, it will still be in the 97% range.
Sports Betting Champ 97% uses progressive betting to determine the outcome of a series of three games that has been designed to maximize winnings.

How 97% win rates are achieved. The loss is counted only if all three series bets are lost. This only happens to John Morrison about 3% of the times.

For more information on 3 series of progressive gambling, see

BET A: If you lose, place a regular bet.
BET B: Double the amount that you bet on BET A if you lose
BET C: Double the amount that you bet on BET B if you lose.
Consider it a loss, and you can start over at bet A again.

You get John Morrison, a man who beats the Sportsbooks. This is not a scam, it’s a revolutionary system which works.

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