Sending Heavy Parcels

For the vast majority of us we will very rarely have to send very heavy parcels, but for those occasions that we do it is a good idea to know how to send them the most cost effective way, as if not you may find the costs of postage can be very expensive indeed.

Indeed if you rarely send parcels it can be very easy to do as most people do and simply take your parcel down to the Post Office to send it, however in doing so you may find yourself with a bill considerably higher than if you had used a parcel courier. Now you may think that only businesses use them, however many online parcel couriers now allow people to book, order and pay for a parcel collection online, and they are happy to take a booking from anyone be it a business or a private individual. Send Parcels to USA

As an example shipping a 20kg parcel via the Post Office for next day delivery could cost you over £50, yet a parcel courier is likely to be able to offer the same service for under £20 – and they will provide real-time tracking thrown in with the price.

One alternative way to ship a parcel with the Post Office, which does offer a slightly more cost effective service, is to ship via a two day service, which will save around £10 for the same parcel.

For very heavy parcels such as those weighing up to 500kg then you may have to find a specialist parcel courier online. Many companies will refuse to take parcels of this weight, as they require more than one person to load or unload them, and may also require the use of specialized lifting equipment. The load may also need securing down in the van given its weight. All of which does not fit in with any parcel couriers usual collection routine.

However for parcels under 30kg a parcel courier will be able to ship your parcel without a problem and offer you the most cost effective solution.

From your own perspective when sending a heavy parcel you should always ensure that it is adequately packed and placed in a shipping crate and/or on a pallet if required. This will help to prevent damage in transit, and by placing it on the pallet you will also help the parcel courier to be able to handle your heavy parcel far easier.


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