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DigiLocker App Download :- DigiLocker is a major initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India under Digital India Corporation, which is a part of Digital India campaign. i.e. DG Locker is an Indian Digitization Online Service of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the main objective of Government of India behind which is to digitally empower Indian citizens by accessing authenticated digital documents through Digital Documents Wallet.

DG Locker provides an account in the cloud to every Aadhaar account holder to access authentic documents/certificates such as driving license, vehicle registration, educational marksheets in digital format from the institutions that originally issued various certificates . One can easily access the DigiLocker documents considered as their original documents anytime, anywhere by downloading the DigiLocker App in their mobile phone. digi Locker App

Under DG Locker’s free account, the account holder is provided with up to 1GB of space or storage space to upload the can copy of the original documents

Electronic documents received through the DigiLocker System are subject to Rule 9A of Information Technology (Protection and Counter Holding Information by Intermediaries Providing Digital Locker Facilities), vide G.S.R. on 8 February 2017. 711(E) shall be deemed to be equivalent to the original physical documents.

User is required to have Aadhar Number to use DG Locker as Sign Up requires entering Aadhar Number and One Time Password sent to Aadhar registered mobile number.

Features of DigiLocker
DigiLocker is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India under the Digital India campaign to protect original documents in electronic form.
Authentic documents/certificates like driving license, vehicle registration, educational marksheet etc. can be kept safe under DG Locker.
For DG Locker account, it is necessary to have Aadhar number and mobile registered in Aadhar.
Each account holder is provided with 1GB storage space for uploading the scanned copy of the original documents in the cloud under DG Locker.
The beta version of this service was released by the ministry in February 2015 which was launched by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015.
Initially each account holder was given 100MB of storage space which has been increased to 1GB later.
The size of the individual file to be uploaded on DG Locker cannot exceed 10 MB.
The Government of India in April 2016 urged all municipal bodies to use DG Locker to make their administration paperless.
From 2017 onwards, ICSE Board has provided the facility to the students to store the 10th and 12th certificates in the DG Locker and share it with the agencies as per the requirement.
In 2017 itself Kotak Mahindra Bank has started providing access to documents in DG Locker within its Net Banking application.
The Government of India has started linking various hospitals with this platform in which patients will be provided with a unique number, using which they will be able to share their past hospital records with other hospitals.
Presently there are about 35 million users registered on DG Locker and 43 essential organizations are accepting DigiLocker documents.
As of December 2019, DigiLocker has access to over 372 crore authenticated documents from 149 issuers.
Presently 918 Issuer Organization and 149 Requester Organization are associated with DigiLocker.
Objectives of DigiLocker
The Digital Locker service launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India under the Digital India campaign has the following objectives.

Why DigiLocker Account is required.
To view and retrieve important documents anywhere and anytime.
Authenticated document received from Digilocker is valid as original physical document.
Digital documents can be exchanged with the consent of the citizen.
Faster service delivery – government benefits, employment, financial inclusion, education, health.
Benefits of DigiLocker to Various Agencies
Under the DigiLocker initiative launched by the Ministry of Information and Technology, Government of India, any person can save an electronic copy of his original documents. Documents received from DigiLocker will be treated as physically equivalent to the original documents. By downloading DigiLocker App, any Indian citizen can view their documents online through mobile. Various types of agencies are getting the following benefits from DigiLocker service.

Reducing Administrative Overhead – Aiming at the concept of paperless administration by various government departments, the use of DG Locker is reducing the administrative overhead by reducing paper usage and verification process.
Digital Transformation – Documents issued from DigiLocker are reliable, as these documents are received in real time directly from the document issuing agency.

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